Has anyone figured out where online to buy Pink Elephant or Pink Dreams Cigarettes? cannot find either…please let me know!!

KellyB replied: "You may be able to find them here: …
Thank you ~"

Ham replied: "Ebay.com"

Who is the manufacturer of the Pink Elephant cigarettes? Does somebody know who is the manufacturer of the Pink elephant cigarettes? and may you also give me a webpage? Or just simply an online store where I can buy that cigarettes?

Prof. CSB replied: "Pink Elephant cigarettes are manufactured by Heupink & Bloemen in Holland. The website is."

Pink elephant cigarettes? so i know smokings a bad habit
but i do it, and i dont hate against poeple who do/dont.
but anyways

i really wanna try these pink elephant cigarettes
mainly because there pink but i’ve also had vanilla cigarettes before and they were awesome.

but i live in nebraska, does anyone know if the regular tabaco huts or cigarette outlets sell them?
id really rather not spend 50 dollars buying 3 cartons online.
so if anyone knows please fill me in!!!

Cister replied: "I did not find anything online. But you could ask in some store that sells cigarettes, maybe they can even order it for you."

lena replied: "i really want to try those too, someone told me theyre from france.not sure where you can buy them..they dont have any where i live, in massachusetts."

luvyalots131 replied: "i dont smoke but i tried them before
and they only sell them in France!"

A question do with buying cigarettes online.? I’ve seen that you can buy Pink cigarettes. Ranging from Pink Elephant’s to Sobranie’s.
I mostly interested in the Sobranie Cocktail or Pinks.
Firstly, does anyone know of any good sites where i can get these cheap? I’ve found a few websites, but just interested to know if anyone else knows of any really good sites.
Secondly, when i purchase cigarettes online from the US or Europe will they get stopped at customs when entering the UK?
I’m going to New York in under 2 weeks time now, so i shall probably bring some back with me anyway but i just wanted to know for future reference as i’m pretty sure you can’t purchase either of the cigarette brands that i have mentioned in UK shops.

insane_mad_maniak replied: "they will probably be stopped, and you will have to pay customs/duty/tax on them.

when bringing back from abroad, you are aloud to bring 200 ciggrettes, (10 box’s of 20′s) per ticket only.


they should be marked by the slaes company/seller ‘tobbacco product’ so it will likly be stopped. a letter will be sent to you to collect them. which is were you will have to pay."

Answer My Questions replied: "http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=lung%20cancer&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi"

paul_carlston replied: "cigoutlet.net or cigarettesforless.com- never had any complaints.Once mine were stopped, but it was neither my neither supplier’s fault but the company made a full refund."

Where can i find specialty cigarettes? We are looking for the specialty cigarettes that come in colors, such as Nat Sherman Fantasias, Pink Elephants, or the more famous Pink Dreams cigarettes for a debate coming up in a few weeks. If you know of a store that sells colored cigarettes, that’s NOT ONLINE and in the DC metropolitan area… thank you so much!

Raven replied: "Search "cigarette shops in Washington DC" on Yahoo. The search yields a list of specialty stores that sell tobacco. They are listed with addresses and phone numbers, so it would be as easy as picking up a phone to ask if your brand is in their inventory."

Pink Elephant Ciggarettes? Who has had them??

They are no where to be found!, I looked them up online and couldn’t find any way to even order them. I’ve heard they are only sold in France. –Anyone know how to ge them? Thanks (;

☺♪Adrienne♪☺ replied: "Yeah, I do! it’s, there you can find, anything. Now get real girl, WHO ARE YOU, AND I BET YOU AINT EVEN OLD ENOUGH TO SMOKE!"

sarahjane.x replied: "wowww, ive been looking for like 10 minutes.
and i can only find the black devil chocolate oness.
but i’ll keep looking, and keep you updated :)
im destined to find them too =]
europe has some friggen gorgeous cigarettes, lmao.
sounds weird.
but its true =]"

justme replied: "i found it….here is the link

Where can I get pink elephants, sunday’s fantacy or black devil cigarettes in uk? where can i get them from? any good shops in basingstoke & aroung (woking,reading etc) or online delivered to uk?

crazyweirdpersonXD replied: "I dunno about the question but my parents are split and my dad lives in Wokingham (and used to live in Basingstoke) and my mum lives in Reading :) :):)"

where can I get pink elephants, sunday’s fantacy or black devil cigarettes in uk? where can i get them from? any good shops in basingstoke & aroung (woking,reading etc) or online delivered to uk?

Panthera Leo replied: "London Zoo"